Why A Blog That Makes NO Money Is Still GREAT! 0

Image Source: monetizepros.com

Image Source: monetizepros.com

The number one question that’s out there in the blogosphere is “How can I get my blog to make money?” I’m not going to go into all the ways you can try, because a simple Google search can answer that question. There are several tried and true methods, but it’s a rare blog that pulls in six figures.

Got a great blog that brings in ZILCH as far as revenue goes? It’s OK! Even though you think your blog isn’t making money, your blog can make or break your career, which is much more important.
Here are THREE ways your blog is actually make you money, even when you think it’s not:

1. You’re An Authority In Your Field: This is, by far, the most important thing your blog does for you. How else will everyone know how much YOU KNOW about your topic unless you tell them?

Position yourself as a top aficionado in your industry and it sets up your business to soar. Potential clients will see you as a person at the forefront and choose YOU to do business with.

And dishing out the most current and educational information in your field with keep followers reading. Keeping a consistent audience with great engagement works wonders for your business. It shows you’re trusted, and the one people go to when they need “XYZ” accomplished.

Are you queen of kid’s crafts? Can you cook a stellar soup? Is your cat eye fresher than any makeup artist’s? You show’em.

2. Fresh Social Media Content: Everyone knows you need to post on social media regularly to keep an audience engaged. But constantly finding fresh content can be a daunting task. You can spend hours scouring the internet for great articles to share, but how many times have they already been recycled?

That’s why it’s always best to write your own! While it is hard to find COMPLETELY original information to write about, only you can write it in YOUR voice. Let people know how this particular topic has worked or not worked for you. How, in your opinion, can it be better?

When you show followers something new, they’re much more likely to read it and keep coming back for more. While the majority will just be casual readers, those important few will like what you’re doing, reach out to you, and become clients.

3. Current Portfolio: Whatever your blog consists of (videos, articles, graphics, etc…) make sure it’s a running portfolio of your most recent work. For example, if you’re a writer who’s looking for more work, all you have to do is direct a new client to your blog and they can get a great feel for your style.

Whenever clients ask me for writing samples, not only to I direct them to the portfolio page on my website, but I include the link to my blog. It shows that you’re actively working and the evolution of that work. A project that you posted three years ago on your website may not be the best representation of how strong you are today, but your latest blog post is!

When it comes down to it, your blog gives you a ton of credibility. I can honestly say that ALL of my clients in the past few years have been people who follow me on social media. And what’s the best thing to post on social media? Yup, your very own blog articles. So even though, that blog you work so hard on may not directly send you a check every month. It WILL get you clients, and that’s worth every minute of your time.